HRCT Chest Test / Scan in Pimpri, Pune, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

One of the most suggested tests for the diagnosis of COVID infection in the lungs is an HRCT Chest scan for Covid. In this section, we are trying to address the different questions you may have regarding this test.

HRCT Chest Test Cost in Pimpri (Pune):  ₹1200   
HRCT Chest Test Cost in Juhu (Mumbai):  ₹1200  
HRCT Chest Test Cost in Vashi (Navi Mumbai):  ₹1650  
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HRCT Chest Test refers to a High-Resolution Computed Tomography Scan of the lungs, sometimes also referred to as HRCT Lungs. It is a type of CT Scan technique where spatial resolution of the images are enhanced through algorithms and a narrow slice width is used to obtain thin-slice images of the lung parenchyma.

RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction) is considered the practicable gold standard for COVID-19. However, the RT-PCR Test itself has some limitations. The result of some limitations may be a delay of medical isolation and the transmission of infection. CT examinations, however, can compensate for the above shortcomings and play an important auxiliary role in the diagnosis and subsequent management of COVID-19 patients.

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  • Pune and Mumbai: Rs. 1200
  • Navi Mumbai: Rs. 1650

An HRCT Chest Scan takes only 1 minute. However, the entire procedure from getting ready to getting out of the scan room may take around 10 minutes.

Ruby AIlcare Services, Pune, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai are known for delivering HRCT test reports in 4 hours to their patients as compared to 24 hours taken by most of the other service providers.

An HRCT Chest is done to diagnose various health problems related to the lungs by scanning the lung parenchyma. An HRCT Thorax or HRCT Chest can help determine lung problems like tumors, pleural effusion, pneumonia, emphysema, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pulmonary embolism, COVID infection, etc.

An HRCT Scan is done like a regular CT Scan on a conventional CT Scan machine. But, here the spatial resolution of the image is increased by selecting certain imaging parameters.

HRCT of the thorax and the lungs is completely safe.


HRCT scan show cross sections through the heart and lungs.

At Ruby Ailcare Services there is no need for any prior appointment.

Compared to CT, HRCT uses narrow beam collimation to take thin slice images of the lung parenchyma. This protocol produces high definition images of lung alveoli, airways, interstitium, and pulmonary vasculature.

HCRT Chest Test in Pune, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai

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